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Jordan lives in Los Angeles and is a Research Producer for Studio System. He does content research for the film division and he also writes a blog about movies and TV. Calling him a film buff understates his interest in film. Jordan is a writer for Netflix and gets to work from his home in Phoenix, with an occasional trip to Netflix headquarters in Las Gatos, CA. In October 2013, Jordan and Becky moved from L.A. to Phoenix.

Jordan and his fiancee, Becky
Jordan and his fiancee, Becky

Whether it’s the history of film, the making of films, film and pop culture, the impact of film on society – pick the topic and he’ll jump in. We’re thrilled for Jordan that he has a happy life in L.A.  He and his girlfriend lovely bride Becky like the variety of restaurants, entertainment options, art galleries, film events, and the choices for things to do that come with a big city. We look forward to our visits with Jord, which are about every six months… not often enough for us, but we always relish our time together with plenty of good conversation, mostly delicious food, and lots of laughs. We always learn a new word or two from Jordan; he’s our vocabulary builder. I’ll be adding a blog post about Jordan & Becky’s wedding after 7/27/13! Exciting!

Hanna lives in Raleigh and is a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant for pre-school aged kids in Smithfield, a small town near Raleigh. Hanna is in a profession that makes her happy, and the big heart she has makes her a good fit for her job. Her little clients are as young as age two. Kids gravitate to Hanna – it’s been that way since she was young. We see her often because Raleigh is just an 80-mile drive. Hanna has made many good friends in her new city, and fun usually finds her wherever she goes, or vice versa. Whether she drives over to our place to spend the night, relax, and get some home cookin’ or we drive to Raleigh for the day, we love seeing our girl. Update: You will see pix of a young man standing next to Hanna in many photos in my collection. His name is Mike and he also lives and works in Raleigh. Mike is important to Hanna, which means he is important to us.

I will update the photos on this page now and then, so check back! For now, here’s a slideshow with some of our fave pix. P.S. Hanna is quite the shutterbug – her camera is nearby on most days!

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Gary with Remy, New Bern, NC, 2012
Gary with Remy, New Bern, NC, 2012
July, 2013
July, 2013

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