Wedding Pix 29May2015

photo courtesy of marcia hester
photo courtesy of marcia hester

Every picture tells a story and we got to witness a love story on 5.29.15. Our daughter, Hanna, had her dream wedding with her dream guy, Michael Calvo. Wedding photos are especially important to Gary and I because we have about four wedding photos to call our own, and they are less than ideal wedding photos. I won’t bore you with the details of our wedding photographer/photography, mainly because my bitterness might once again surface after nearly 43 years. Let it go, Cin…

Hanna and Mike’s wedding was perfect in every way. Is that really possible? A perfect wedding? It was perfect for our little family and I believe Hanna and Mike feel the same way. Of course we all wish we could have visited with more people and taken more photos – that’s a common regret from what we’re told. So, once the professional photos come through from our photographer, and from the contributions of others, we will have quite a fine collection. Fun was had by all, I can say that with confidence. So – mission accomplished. For the last 11 months, wedding talk has been a topic of conversation that monopolized other conversations – what will I do? Well, for one thing, I’ll post pictures and get this blog post published!


photo: eliza hawkins

The wedding was 5.29.15 in the evening. The ceremony was performed by Reverend Ingrid Sagula, who did a lovely job. Her words and sentiments could not have been nicer and more appropriate. The wedding was in downtown Raleigh at an old mansion that has been refurbished and re-purposed for events – the Merrimon-Wynne House. Wow. Are we glad we chose it for the venue. Actually, Hanna had her eye on it for awhile from a chance drive through historic Raleigh. They work closely with Party Reflections who provided our tables and linens. We chose our photographer Heba Salama out of Chapel Hill, NC from a wedding show; we knew she was a good fit. Catering Works of Raleigh did a super job for us.

Our menu? Appetizers of chicken & waffles with horseradish maple sauce; strawberry salsa crostini with brie cheese. The main course was from a pasta station, plus a slider station with pulled pork and burgers. A garden salad in individual glasses was included. I did not get pix of the food, so I’ll watch for those from other people. Cake pops from Sugar Euphoria satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth and included three yummy flavors (citrus blast, red velvet, snickerdoodle). Beer and wine were served at two bars. There was a photo booth and, of course, music under the tent.

posterization of photo, taken by jordan bowers
posterization of photo, taken by jordan bowers

[Side note: “Do You Believe in Magic” by the Lovin’ Spoonful was the song played as Mike and Hanna walked down the aisle, which is what Gary and I chose as our song for our recessional in 1972. Hearing that tune was delightful! For the couple’s first dance, they chose Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love.”]

A sweet, funny, and truly-Jordan speech was given to welcome all guests from near and far. Dad of bride, matron of honor, and best man all gave heartfelt toasts, leaving no doubt that Mike and Hanna are loved, respected, and appreciated by their friends and family. Those are comforting things to know as one starts life together as husband and wife.

The day after the wedding, after a good night’s sleep, we had a gathering at our house for out of town guests and friends of Mike and Hanna. I questioned my sanity for a short while during a grocery store run (I am not a fan grocery shopping, FYI, never have liked it). Once it was close to 4pm when guests started arriving, my energy was restored. Thanks to my husband who painted our front door and shutters red a couple of weeks ago – to give guests an extra feeling of welcome!   We had a taco bar inside and cold beer and beverages in a cooler on the deck. The weather was perfect, people were hungry, and it was fun for us to show off our house and yard. Jordan’s homemade salsa and two batches of queso dip went fast. Actually, hardly any food was left, so the day was good. It was particularly enjoyable visiting with those we knew, and people we were glad to get to know – who were welcoming our daughter into their family. Everyone said goodbye to the happy couple, who went home to pack for their Dominican Republic honeymoon.

Sooooo, while the kids are off on their long-awaited honeymoon, here are some pix. I’ll add more as I get them from others.Thanks to those who shared and those who will share! P.S. The photos are in random order… Click one image to start the slide show.



3 thoughts on “Wedding Pix 29May2015

  1. Thanks for sharing, Cindy. It looks like a beautiful wedding. Wishing Hanna & Michael a lifetime of happiness together!

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