Our Wedding DIY Projects

hanna and mike saying their vows 5.29.15
hanna and mike saying their vows 5.29.15

The wedding of our daughter would be special – we knew that, mainly because she was marrying such a special guy, but I knew right away that I had to start planning for projects that would make the day unique, personal, and fun. A plan is crucial and this was not a one-person show. Hanna’s research, phone calls and emails solidified my observation that she has become quite a planner/organizer herself. Gary, Mike, Hanna, and I had many conversations and brainstorming sessions about ideas, plans, costs (of course), and what could be done ourselves vs. what we pay others to do. And some or all of us sat at the dining room table on quite a few weekends, working on DIY projects. Hanna’s loyal friends sometimes joined in, too. After careful consideration, visits and tastings, we chose what we thought would be the best venue, the best catering, the best photographer, the best baker of cake pops, the best officiant, the best rental company, the best DJ, and the best photo booth. (I did flowers.) We had criteria and they all fit the bill. Every one of them. The Merrimon-Wynne House, specifically Kaila the coordinator, could not have been a better choice for the ceremony and reception. We can’t say enough good things about the M-W as our venue.

the merrimon-wynne house
the merrimon-wynne house

Merrimon-Wynne House in Raleigh

Heba Salama Photography

Catering Works

Sugar Euphoria

Party Reflections

Stylus DJ

The Theme

pint-sized diamond pattern mason jars and a few garage sale cups/saucers were for votives
pint-sized diamond pattern mason jars and a few garage sale cups/saucers held the votive candles

Hanna chose colors of navy, ivory, and gold as her main colors. When I asked her what she wanted the theme to be, once she got engaged, she just said “fun.” Now that it’s over, I can say her “fun” theme came true. As for my idea of a theme, I had nostalgia and kind of a back porch elegance in mind. Pinterest became my biggest resource for ideas. My drive times to Greenville and back were my creative thinking times where something would just hit me and that would become part of the plan. DIY projects are money-savers, most of the time, and some are more fun than others. I like to do projects, but I know my limitations. I had a couple of “what in the ding-dang-doodle have I gotten myself into” episodes, especially late at night when fatigue was setting in.

Anything involving lettering and words and desktop publishing – that’s for me. We were on top of coupons, phone apps for craft stores, and sales for things we would need for any projects. We also got a few things at a couple garage sales and borrowed some stuff from Hanna’s matron of honor who generously offered some items she used. Right now I don’t care to see the insides of Michael’s or AC Moore for quite awhile. I want to reiterate — Hanna, Gary, Mike were the best collaborators and work mates and appreciative partners in this wedding and project planning. We kept this as stress-free as possible and that was a bonus.

most of my signs were done with zig marker and fine-point markers on heavy watercolor paper
most of my signs were done with Zig markers and fine-point markers on heavy watercolor paper

I’ll probably do another post just with wedding pix. For now, let’s get to the images of the completed projects. I captioned them all. (I may add more.) Click to enlarge. Enjoy!


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