Wedding planning is a blast

I am happy to report that the wedding planning is coming along nicely with no major glitches, snafu’s, or catastrophes. I’ve decided wedding planning is kind of like remodeling a house. Everything costs at least two times, if not three times, as much as we anticipated; however, just like a remodel, there needs a Plan B. Concessions have to be made. So – there will be no champagne fountain, nor will there be a trio of harpists, a sword-swallowing gypsy, or a Journey cover band. We’re not extravagant people. We can’t do it all.

image quillHanna having a mother who has some creative bones is a plus. For example, I am the florist for this wedding. Have I ever been a floral designer? No, but I follow Pinterest. (I take nothing away from the expertise of a working, pruning-shears-carrying, probably-underpaid floral designer, and I make no claims that it will be easy.) Another savings – I am the calligrapher for the invitations. Yay.

i am making boutonierres from wine corks- my 1st one
i am making boutonierres from wine corks- my first one

Sneak Peak: My first prototype of the groom/groom’s attendants boutonnieres went swimmingly. With my supplies from Michael’s spread out on the kitchen table, I created my first boutonniere in 10 minutes. And Gary gladly provided me with the wine corks. Thanks, Gar…

The Merrimon-Wynne House
The Merrimon-Wynne House

So – this blog post is not about moaning or whining about the cost of the impending nuptials. Along with Hanna and Mike and Gary, we’ve all done lots of exploring, tasting, investigating, hand shaking, interviewing, negotiating (always good practice), web surfing and cost comparing to help in the planning of a beautiful, fun wedding. May 29th of 2015 will be here before we know it. We learned that early planning and booking is necessary because vendor calendars fill up. Hanna has become quite the organizer/planner herself and has done so much of the leg work. Kudos to Han! Hanna and Mike’s wedding website is here.

Chintz. We can't have a southern-montana-pennsylvania wedding without chintz.
chintz… we can’t have a carolina-montana-pennsylvania wedding without chintz.

Han and I both have wedding boards on Pinterest where we’ve collected tons of ideas for some DIY wedding projects. We have many projects lined up, and I’ll continue to add photos to the slideshow on this page. If I had to pick two top priorities for wedding planning, it would be the venue and the photographer. Mike and Hanna wanted their ceremony and reception to be in the same place, and they wanted the festivities in downtown Raleigh (where they met). A new wedding and event venue, a refurbished mansion called the Merrimon-Wynne House, fit the bill. I’ve told many people the story that Gary and I have only a couple of wedding pix because we had a friend of a friend in charge of our wedding photos. That was a disaster. You’d think my bitterness would be gone after 42 years. You’d think

8.19.1972 | Great Falls, MT | in Gary’s ’64 Pontiac Tempest

Maybe that’s why I’m a shutterbug and like to snap lots of pictures. Mike and Hanna will have a wedding photographer, Heba Salama from Chapel Hill. We met her at a wedding show. She’s creative, energetic, and her portfolio and presentation at the wedding show won us over.

I can’t put pictures up of Hanna’s wedding dress, of course, but we did find one she fell in love with and she  probably did not try on more than 20 at the most. I did not try to talk her into letting me sew her dress. (My wedding dress was sewn by me back in ’72 – it was my senior sewing project for home-ec in Mrs. Nelson’s class. It was not anything complicated, trust me, but I was proud of it and the dang thing fit!) Hanna had maybe three different salon visits, so with those appointments she was able to include bridesmaids and friends, her Aunts Karen and Tiemi, me, her future mom-in-law Karen, and future sister-in-law Crisann to provide feedback. And her dad was getting text photos from me so he could offer his feedback. It turns out his favorite was Hanna’s favorite. It was a fun and memorable experience, it honestly was. Oh – Gary even bought a new wedding outfit – silly me, a new suit. It’s navy blue. He’ll look dapper.

Our list of things to do is on a spreadsheet and we have many things checked off. The officiant has been interviewed and chosen, we’ve started a music list, the menu is set, engagement pix were recently taken, and chairs have been rented. Save the date cards will be sent once we get some photos back. We’re on track.

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5 thoughts on “Wedding planning is a blast

  1. What fun you are having! I’m impressed with your wine corks! Need me to save you any!!!Lol I love the photo’s! Colleen

  2. pretty exciting time, I remember our Katie and her wedding in 2004…..Gary, all my wife and daughter told me is set down, shut up, shell out and show up……ha ! take care you two….

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