A Wedding in Raleigh | 2015

I remember Hanna squealing with delittlehannalight when she got her first American Girl doll, and proclaimed it was the happiest day of her life. When we told her she could get her ears pierced, she was giddy for days. Shopping for her first prom dress, bringing home our puppies, going to Disneyworld, getting her first and second car, making the cheerleading squad, getting her braces off, and getting splashed by Shamu the whale (caught on the Sea World jumbo screen) all made our girl happier than a clam. An ear-to-ear smile has graced her face and lit up the room on many occasions. Hugs and dancing and sounds of joy ensued. And I have photo after photo to prove it.

wedding ringSo now we come to theeee happiest day of Hanna’s life, according to her, when she got a beautiful engagement ring from her beau, Mike Calvo, during a Montana trip – a trip planned in order to show some of “Big Sky Country”  to Mike and another couple from NC. They’ve been serious, Mike and Hanna, which has been evident for awhile, but we didn’t know when the commitment would be official. Even Hanna did not know.

They started dating in 2011 in Raleigh where they both live and work. Mike grew up in Bethlehem, PA, and chose NC State for college. He’s in the logistics biz and his degree is business with a supply chain management concentration. He’s been in Raleigh ever since. I remember Hanna telling me there was a guy she could not not stop thinking about. Mike seemed pretty comfortable around us when she first brought him for a visit to G’ville, so that was a good sign. Gary and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mike over the past few years, and he even made the Vegas family trip with us a year ago for Jordan & Becky’s wedding – and that didn’t scare him off. We are looking forward to being mother-in-law/father-in-law once again! By the way, when dear old dad gives his stamp of approval re: his daughter’s fiancée — well, that’s good news all around. Hanna has always been a “the more the merrier” kid (takes after her Grandpa Ralph in that regard), so she will surely treasure being part of the Calvo clan, and I’m pretty confident they’ll appreciate Hanna (and all her picture taking).

Wedding Venue. 5.29.14, downtown Raleigh

Now it’s time to plan a wedding! Downtown Raleigh is pretty wonderful, and Mike and Han met downtown through mutual friends. The venue choice fell into place after they discovered a mansion in a historic area downtown. After they looked at a half dozen places, we reserved this refurbished mansion for May 29, 2015. They’ll be married there and the reception will follow. Hanna and I attended a big wedding show and collected business cards, met vendors, tasted cake samples, etc. That proved to be worth the time because we choose the photographer and baker after meeting and being impressed with both young women. (Sugar Euphoria in Raleigh and Heba Salama Photography out of Chapel Hill.) Hanna has developed into a young woman with a “come on, people, let’s get this thing done…” attitude. She has her own pre-wedding website. She’s got the wedding binder within reach most days, she got hotel rooms blocked in short order, and she’s impressed us with her negotiating skills, which she gets from her father. We still need to shop for a wedding dress, choose a caterer (soon) and lots more. We’re doing some things ourselves re: decorating, and between Gary and I and the wedding couple, it will be a busy year, but fun. (We are still house hunting, too!!)

Our little girl is getting married! To be continued…  (p.s. click the first pic to see the gallery.)









6 thoughts on “A Wedding in Raleigh | 2015

  1. Beautiful setting for the wedding. This is the best thing about a daughter – planning all this will give you wonderful memories together. Hanna will obviously be a gorgeous bride!!!

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