L.A. | 7.28.13

Sunny and clear in Santa Monica

After the wedding, Los Angeles (population 3.9 million) was our destination. Jordan and Becky were nice enough to invite us back to their place in the suburb of Sherman Oaks. The drive from Vegas to L.A. took nearly 6 hours and we walked in the door on Sunday night. Hanna, Mike and I and flew back to NC on Wednesday morning.

Mike, Hanna, Becky, Jordan at The Getty Museum
Mike, Hanna, Becky, Jordan at The Getty Museum

After Vegas, Gary flew back home the morning after the wedding (nightmare trip, 27 hours to get home — will not go into all details, but he ended up at JFK (!) for the night; Delta comped him 25K miles after his return). As I said, Hanna, Mike, and I drove back to L.A. with Jordan and Becky. Jordan had rented a van and we all fit in there (barely) with all the wedding stuff and bags and drove through the desert, back to L.A. We passed by a nasty HUGE dust storm, and if we were 25 minutes behind, we would have had to pull over for sure and be blasted by sand and have no visibility. It was like the Wizard of Oz, except without the tornado, the small people with funny voices, Toto, and the monkeys. That’s what I felt, anyway.

two sculptures of rebar, one with a cascade of flowers on top
two sculptures from rebar, a cascade of flowers on top

In Los Angeles, we had some nice weather, good food, spent some time with my nephew and niece Kevin & Lindsey and their kids Fischer and Graham. Hanna and Mike stayed at their house and bonded with the kids and enjoyed their pool and fabulous patio. They have a great house just two miles from Becky and Jordan.

In the Getty Gardens
In the Getty Gardens

On Tuesday, we spent some time at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, a must see and a bargain at $15 for the car load of people. I got some great pix there. Our last night there we had dinner with the Nelson’s and friends of Jord and Becky – Devin and Teresa. Nice people. Kevin and Lindsey & their little boys are such a super family. I told Fischer (4) at the restaurant, “look how special your dinner looks!” He put his arm around my neck and said, “I think YOU are special.” Love those boys (and their folks)!

Our time in L.A. went too fast, but we had some fun and Mike got to see L.A. for the first time. We spent time at a superb museum with art from all over the world, back to the 1400’s, which one does not see every day. Anyhoo, take a look at our Los Angeles pix! Note: Gary and I are flying to L.A. in late October for a few days with Jord & Becky and maybe we’ll do a little wine country trip. We can’t wait to see Becky, Jordan, and their pup, Mona!

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