Las Vegas | Wedding | July ’13

One more hug with my son pre-wedding

Wedding in Vegas! Our son and his fiancee chose a small chapel to be married, surrounded by some family and good friends and on the night of 7/27/13 they became Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Bowers. We are in-laws to Becky (formerly Jones) of Billings and we were so happy to witness to such a special and loving occasion. Their reception was equally wonderful in an Italian restaurant off the strip, Sergio’s. The atmosphere, service, and food were spectacular! 20130807-230309.jpgFamily style was the theme and the servers just kept bringing the food (YUM) and wine out for our pleasure. The intimate setting was perfect! We got to mingle with Jordan and Becky’s friends and Rick and Donna (Becky’s folks), and her sisters and their spouses and kids. They even had their friend Deryk from Billings come and do some singing during the wedding and reception – lovely!!! (Disclaimer: some of the pix in my slideshows come from Hanna B and Nicole C. Thanks, girls!)

Officially a mother-in-law!

The whole day of the wedding, I kept singing “Chapel of Love” in my head. You’ve heard it; it’s by the Dixie Cups, a 60’s girl group who sang the song. Trivia: It hit the charts in 1964, was written by Phil Spector and produced on the Red Bird Record Label. Actually, I found I could sing the whole song in my head, word for word. I would record it and post the audio on my blog, but that would not be good. This American does not have talent.

The newlyweds with Hanna

My dad passed away just two months ago, so the wedding talk was somewhat of a distraction and we looked forward to the joyous occasion for our family. Ralph knew about Jord & Becky’s engagement last spring and wholeheartedly approved. He and Becky bonded, he felt, because they both have style and good taste (his words). Love you, Ralph, you were dearly missed.

Carefully picking a haircut date so my hair would be the perfect length, choosing my dress, returning it, and bringing home three more to try on, going through my jewelry, and buying shoes and a cute purse took time and occupied my thoughts. How very nice for Gary that he could just run to the barber a few days pre-trip, swiftly pick a sport coat, white shirt, and slacks out of his closet, and be all put together in 10 minutes with no concerns of matching his wife’s outfit.

Gary and I and Hanna and her boyfriend, Mike, flew to Las Vegas, non-stop the day before the wedding. The whole weekend it was 105 degrees, I believe. Funny, I didn’t think it was above 104 or 103.5 tops. Nothing like a blast of heat hitting you in the face when you walk outside at 7 a.m. or 11 p.m. We stayed at the Bellagio Hotel (thanks Gar!), which was so dang cool. It was the best room I’ve ever stayed in, that’s for sure, with the best bed ever. One downside – being forced to walk through the smoky casino every time we needed to go through the lobby or get anywhere. I didn’t even get a nickel in a slot machine – I figured I’d do it once but I never did. One weird thing happened, my new iPhone 5 blew out the night before the wedding, like a code blue. There was an Apple store in Caesar’s Palace shopping area, and after a long walk with Gary and Jordan at 10 pm, I had a brand new phone within a half hour of going in the store. I think they said they stay open until midnight 364 days of the year!

I have lots of pix to post and I could go on and on with my narrative about the happy occasion, but let me keep it short and say we are truly happy for Jordan and Becky, we’re proud of both of them, and we were just tickled to be part of their special weekend. After the wedding, Gary flew back home and Hanna, Mike, and I drove back to Los Angeles with Jord & Becky. I’ll create an L.A. post about that – fun few days with the newlyweds…

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7 thoughts on “Las Vegas | Wedding | July ’13

  1. Wow, loved the photos! Beautiful, beautiful dress and Becky was perfect wearing it… Everyone looked very happy. Congratulations to my nephew and new bride from Montana…

    • Thanks! It was just lovely and certainly a happy event for all. Becky’s dress was really beautiful! I rarely get dressed up, so that was fun, too.

  2. congrats to all involved….good time had by all……..and remember, 105 degrees, but it’s a dry heat…ha!

  3. What a beautiful family wedding! Becky’s dress looked great! I was shocked not to see the pink polkadot dress!? You looked beautiful Cindy and ready to be a new mother-in-law! Congrats to all!

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