Thanksgiving 2012 | 11.22.12

Thanksgiving was quiet, but enjoyable. I don’t know why I say that because it’s nothing new. Our Thanksgivings are always quiet and enjoyable. Hanna and her boyfriend, Mike, were with us.  That means I had some pressure as it was Mike’s first, or one of his first, Thanksgiving holidays away from his family. I wanted him to think I set a splendid Thanksgiving table every year with the most delicious food. Not really. I simply wanted him to feel welcome. And he did.  So – mission accomplished.



Gary had the house spic & span and all groceries in the cupboards and fridge, so when I got home from work on Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving I made a quick centerpiece and started on the pies, etc. I cook a pretty good turkey stuffed with apples, oranges, and onions, giving Mr. Turkey a yummy flavor with usually flavorful gravy. A package of gravy mix is at hand in case something goes awry –DSCN0432-001 I will not deny that I’ve had to use it as a supplemental ingredient (one time I added too much water). For the second year in a row, my side dishes included corn souffle. It is wonderfully satisfying, in a comfort food sort of way, unless one does not like cornbread and/or corn. It’s like an underbaked cornbread with corn and contains cream cheese. Here in the south it is also known as corn pudding, or corn puddin’, y’all.

My yearly Thanksgiving mashed potatoes are made the day before – good old Betty Crocker’s Do-Ahead Mashed Potatoes that are delicious because of real butter and cream. We eat them guilt-free once or twice yearly. Making them the day before and then putting them in the oven before serving guarantees hot potatoes. I did try a new recipe, against Gary’s better judgement. (“Cin, do not try a new recipe when we have company,” he said. Sometimes I like to live on the edge.) It was a broccoli casserole in the crockpot, which ended up mushy. My polite Hanna took a bite and said “Ma, do you like the broccoli?” And I said, “No, no I don’t.” And it went in the disposal. Our guest Mike was polite and tried everything, and he left the table full. He likes to cook himself (especially Italian food) and Hanna is quite the adventurous cook herself as of late. Actually both my kids cook.

DSCN0431-001The day after Thanksgiving, we all went to a nearby shooting range as Gary and Hanna have a new found activity they enjoy together – target practice and skeet shooting. Myself, I shot the pictures and Gary, Hanna, and Mike shot clay and paper targets. Of course any good time has to be followed by a meal, and we went to one of Hanna’s favorite places, a Mongolian Grill (specifically Hu Hot, which started in Billings, MT!).

After we ate until we could eat no more, we came home to snap a few pictures for a Christmas card. And where better to take pictures than our neighbor’s yard, which is nicer than ours. We knew they weren’t home, so we made their yard our own for some nice autumn pix.DSCN0480-001 Some people might construe that as breaking and entering; however, there was nothing broken or entered. Not as far as we were concerned. By then, I’m sure Hanna’s boyfriend was looking at his watch and thinking it was time to depart. He’s proving to be a good sport.

As we enjoyed our Thanksgiving and were grateful to be together, we look forward to Christmas when we’ll have Jordan and his girlfriend with us…. in just a few short weeks.

I sewed placemats for Thanksgiving & Christmas.
I sewed placemats for Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Take a peek at the photo gallery below of our Thanksgiving holiday photos. Click on one photo to enlarge it, then advance the gallery by clicking the > arrow.


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