Christmas 2012 | 12.25.12

Our family Christmas was at our place in Greenville, NC again. Gary and I got the house decorated about mid-December in anticipation for the arrival of Jordan and his girlfriend, Becky, who flew in from Los Angeles. DSCN0550They brought their little 9 lb Terrier, Mona, with them, which was fun for us, but not so fun for them. They had to slightly sedate the little gal and face holiday air traffic with their pup in the doggie duffel for 10 hours in the plane and/or airports.

DSCN0545We didn’t do anything as far as tourist stuff because they wanted to relax, plus Jordan caught a cold – probably from the germ-ridden airplane. I did take Becky to nearby Washington, the first town named after George Washington, and tiny Bath, about a 25-minute drive from here, to show her the first town in N.C. with the oldest church. Both are scenic towns and especially fun to visit in the spring and summer when it is pleasant to sit by the water and enjoy the sun and sounds of the river.

A couple of days before Christmas, some good friends from Myrtle Beach drove up and had dinner with us. I met Corey and Julia Lee in Savannah. We worked together in the same department and I instantly felt their warmth, kindness, and joy for life and new experiences and friends. They are from Taiwan and Corey is a professor at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach. Julia has her master’s in English as a Second Language (she knows four languages, per my recollection), and right now is loving being home with Ethan. We’ve been wanting to get together for a visit and we’d never seen their little guy, who recently turned two. They made the drive, checked into their hotel, and we had dinner waiting for them. Our visit was just one evening, but it was worthwhile and so fun. Hanna took her bag of books and toys out of her trunk that she uses as a speech therapy assistant and immediately got on the floor with Ethan. They especially had a grand time. Ethan learned some English words and Hanna learned a tiny bit of Chinese! I took lots of pix and it was special having a little one around our Christmas tree.

DSCN0522Christmas eve dinner at the Bowers Family Christmas is homemade enchiladas and tacos. I also made homemade salsa. Becky was used to homemade clam chowder at her family’s dinner table, but she assured us that she enjoyed our menu. For Christmas day, we all look forward to prime rib. We roll it in kosher salt, cook it really hot for 15 minutes, then a lower temp for the remainder of the time. Au gratin scalloped potatoes (made with Gruyere cheese) is something I started last year and that dish is certainly a yummy side for our roast beast! It was unanimous that our roast was superb this year – thank goodness for Costco in Raleigh where we buy most of our meat.

DSCN0525We got lots of visiting in, watched Christmas movies, laughed, ate, and ate some more. Hearing Jord and Han reminisce about Christmas when they were kids was sweet — special toys, surprises, their Christmas stockings, Hanna saying she thinks she believed in Santa until she was 10, Santa’s sleigh flying over Billings (by helicopter), etc. Hanna and Jordan went to a movie together on Christmas night while Becky, Gary, and I stayed home and watched another movie. Having both kids under one roof for the holidays, and welcoming Becky to our little abode in Greenville, was memorable, fun, and it went by way too quickly.

Most pictures below have captions – hover over the photo to read…


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