Greenville, SC | 6.22.12

I took a week off and we traveled to Greenville, SC for four days. Greer and Traveler’s Rest were two small towns (suburbs) that are attractive and interesting to us both. The area was as beautiful, if not more, than we remembered it. Greenville’s main street downtown and nearby historic district is one of the most unique, welcoming downtowns we’ve experienced. And we still like a nice downtown. Since their downtown area borders the Reedy River, and since the city capitalized on that, it’s a great experience every visit because of the variety of things to do and see. I wanted to tour the BMW plant, which is supposed to be worth the price of admission, but we had Remy with us so that will have to wait for another time – like winter, when she can stay in the car or we can leave her with Hanna.

We also did lots of driving around many surrounding towns during this visit. We sure like the NW part of South Carolina – we can see mountains! And gas is cheaper there – a plus. The temps were pretty hot (90’s), so when we returned to the hotel I would usually fall asleep in about 2 minutes! We returned to Greenville, NC, where it was still hot, hot, hot, but it was an enjoyable vacation with some time to relax at home.

No super-cool eateries to report on, other than a diner we happened upon on the morning drive from Greenville to Clemson. The little town was Pickens and the diner was Auntie Ann’s. I was about to fantasize about an Egg McPlastic when my trusty iPhone informed me there was a nearby diner. Thank goodness, because we (more I than we) were hungry! It was off the beaten path (the diner, that is) and breakfast was quite satisfying. The cinnamon french toast  was yummy and the link sausages were even yummier.


Oh – we did drop into Gary’s BBQ in China Grove, NC on our way back home to Greenville, NC. China Grove is not far from Charlotte and a major traffic jam convinced us to take an exit to a secondary highway – hence our discovery of China Grove. I was expecting a monument to the Doobie Brothers, who penned the song “China Grove” in 1973  But alas, on my return home I found that the song was written about China Grove, Texas, not North Carolina. Wondered why I could find no cool t-shirts. Glad I didn’t make a fool of myself and start asking the locals about the band that put their town on the map. Oh, dang. Gary will shake his head when he reads this, as I’m the one who said, “take THIS exit!” I still like the song.

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