Charleston, SC | 11.15.09

Charleston is like Savannah on steroids, at least that’s my impression. The mansions are bigger. The columns on the mansions are bigger. The city is bigger. Along with Savannah, historic Charleston is a must-see if one is in the south, especially if one is a history buff (lots of Civil War tours, museums, etc.).  If you want a true southern experience, it is SOOOOOO southern in Charleston… and the sweet tea flows freely!

Gary is enjoying what Charleston calls winter!

Gary and I spent a weekend in Charleston and it will not be our last. It was shortly after he moved south after selling the house in Montana. The market place down on the water was very touristy, and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. had a steady stream of visitors through its doors. That open-air marketplace part of Charleston is certainly an important part of the city to see, but the extensive King Street shopping area was very sophisticated and charming and interesting and overwhelmingly lovely. Galleries, local shops, retail favorites, taverns, pubs, restaurants, diners galore. Just writing about the city makes me want to book a room for another weekend!

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