Savannah, GA | 2008-10

Savannah — I love Savannah. My first visit to Savannah was back in 2004 when my dad asked if I’d like to accompany him on a trip to Savannah for a national coaches organization event that he was attending. I was a recent college graduate and the trip was his treat to me. Coincidentally, I had just seen the movie (and read the novel), Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I knew I would love Savannah before I got there. The historic district, the riverfront, the old cotton mills turned into a tourist/market area, the friendly people, Spanish moss hanging from the trees, carriage houses, the historic squares beautifully decorated with red velvet ribbons at Christmas, the multitude of statues, and the history of Savannah — I loved it all. So thanks, Ralph.

Famous Forsyth Park (I worked just 3 blocks from here)

Who would ever guess (certainly not me) that I would be flown to Savannah for an interview, be offered the job, and a month later be on the job?! My graduate degree from Boise State opened a HUGE door for me and since we were empty nesters, I decided to apply for jobs all over the country (thanks, Gary, for being so open-minded and willing to follow me wherever…). The story is long, but in a nutshell, in August of 2008 I went to work as an Instructional Designer for the Savannah College of Art and Design. I worked in an office in a beautiful old mansion in downtown Savannah, overlooking one of those beautiful squares where I heard the clip-clop of the horse & carriage tours on a daily basis. It was November 2009 before Gary could move down after selling the house in Billings and start the retirement phase of his life.

Yes, this is me with the Deen boys, Jayme and Bobby in their mama’s gift shop – a HUGE tourism draw. They strolled in when I was looking for a gift during my lunch hour. My friend Regine and I both got pictures with our phones!

My office was a few blocks from Paula Deen’s restaurant and gift shop, the Savannah River, a plethora of restaurants, local shops and galleries etc. There was just so much to enjoy. The climate was wonderful for the most part, although the humidity was higher more often than NC.

As much as I loved Savannah, I ended up starting a job search a little over a year after moving there because my job was not what I had hoped for, and I got my fill of living in a tourist town. The gigantic, hideous, lightning-fast skateboard-shaped cockroaches just creeped me out to the max- although living near the water was not my best choice when I got there (I learned). I also felt that Gary would also feel like I did — that Savannah was a magnificent place to visit, but it was not in the cards for retirement. And I was correct, Gary agreed. Oh – I did attend two wonderfully special events while in Savannah: 1) the famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The college shut down, I put a chair out on the street by 7:30 a.m. and got a perfect spot for the parade (started 10 a.m.). 2) Fourth of July on the Savannah River – fireworks were shot off the ships and barges and I really liked that.

One of the very best parts of living in Savannah was meeting some fabulous people at work and they are now lifelong friends. For my slideshow, I have an array of photos (Gary and i, the kids, friends) and I’ll add more as I run across them.

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