My Visits with Ralph

The slideshow on this page is a collage of photos from the last few years since I’ve moved to the south.

My dad has ventured to the southeast to visit, and I’ve been to San Diego a couple of times over the last few years. I had a 3-week visit in August-September of 2011, but not under the best circumstances. Ralph fell down a flight of stairs in Great Falls in July and broke a dozen bones in his almost 92-y/o body, including his C-spine, shoulder blade, ribs, and pelvis. After he was hospitalized in Great Falls where my sister Vicky helped with his care, he flew back to San Diego where I met him and Karen at the airport. I had flown in the day before and got some groceries, hooked up a router so I could have a wireless connection and work remotely,  and prepared the house for their arrival. I helped my dad with all sorts of things including getting him to/from appointments, organized his meds, prepared daily meals, helped with his physical therapy exercises, and cooked up a storm so I could stock the freezer. I made sure that 6, not 7 ice cubes were in his water and his Canadian bacon was cooked exactly 65 seconds in the microwave; he would know by the texture of that ham if it cooked an extra 5 seconds.  We all have our persnickety ways of doing things, don’t we?

Anyway, every visit with my dad is special because, well – you know.


During my second summer in Savannah (I was there 18 months), my dad turned 90. He and my sister Karen were visiting my brother in Charlotte, so they all drove down and we celebrated #90 at my apartment and the Longhorn Steak House! The slideshow below has a variety of photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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