Myrtle Beach, SC | 4.1.11

We drove to Myrtle Beach and spent the night so we could have dinner with Corey Lee, who I worked with down in Savannah. Cory and I were Instructional Designers in the same department; he and his wife, Julia, along with other coworkers, became good friends. Corey now is a professor at Coastal Carolina College and is about to leave for Taiwan for the summer, where Julia and their baby Ethan are staying with family until August. Corey took us to a marvelous restaurant right on the beach where we had a fabulous dinner. I had grouper dipped in butter and parmesan cheese (oh yeah, it was delightful except I left the very innermost part, which was pink because I equated that with raw, despite assurance from our waiter that it was perfectly safe to eat). Accompanying my grouper was the most perfectly cooked layer of fresh green beans I think I’ve ever eaten. Gary enjoyed his chicken parmesan and the three of us had some laughs and the nicest visit.

The next morning Gary and I drove around Myrtle Beach and had breakfast at LuLu’s diner downtown (very good breakfast). I’ve never been to Miami, but downtown Myrtle Beach, right ON the beach, is what I imagine Miami to be like…. pastel condo’s and hotels for miles. Population? Myrtle Beach metro population has over 300K people. The area is known for golf and retirees, of course, but we saw people of all ages, some that should have seen a bottle or two of SPF-50 in their lifetime, but all in all it was a very pleasant experience and we wouldn’t mind going back. Is it on our short list of retirement destinations? Nah. Too large, plus it had a carnival-like atmosphere in some portions with roller coasters, etc. Great for tourists, but we’re a little on the dull side of life to retire in Myrtle Beach. Maybe Gary will read this and say “speak for yourself.”

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