Atlantic Beach & Beaufort | 2.20.11

Atlantic Beach – maybe an hour and a quarter drive from our house – and it was our day drive destination today. Hanna had never been to the Atlantic coast yet, so she came along and we had a fabulous day. The weather was mid-50’s, not warm enough for a t-shirt and shorts on this day in February, but sunshine and our sweatshirts kept us plenty warm. Remy, our Golden Retriever, theoretically should have loved the water and chasing after some seagulls, but she was was just plain nervous and wanted to stick by our sides. Of course, we kept her on her leash (per the beach rules and because there were other humans and dogs around), but the dang dog would not dip her furry little digits in the water.

Hanna and Gary did some beach combing and Hanna picked up a variety of sea shells for a little collection.

After a little lunch of BBQ (what a surprise) in Morehead City, we drove 10 minutes to Beaufort, where Gary and I’ve been before. Love that town. It’s a coastal town with lots of character, so many cool houses and churches to oooh and aaaah over, and the historic St. Ann’s cemetery with graves from the 1700’s and 1800’s is just plain fascinating. Hanna loved it, too. I take photos of anything and everything in the cemeteries we run across – whatever catches my eye: the myriad of headstone sizes and shapes, engravings/etchings, textures, colors, and the beautiful sentiments. I cannot imagine that anyone who lost their beloved baby or wife or husband in the 18th century ever imagined other human beings would be so enamored with the resting place of their loved one. Could they know that one or two sentences they thoughtfully chose as a final tribute would touch a complete stranger’s heart?

I’m sure I’ve posted a few of these photos on a previous blog from our first trip to Beaufort. I won’t detail all of the photos. One of the most popular graves is the little girl buried in the rum keg – visitors to the cemetery, after all these years, continue to bring little tokens of affection to the grave of the little girl.

I do not know how old this crude wood marker is, but it looks very old.
We were glad to have Hanna on one of our outings.
“I have an angel waiting for me on the beautiful banks of the crystal sea.”
Hanna and her dad and Remy meander through the cemetery.
Note the difference in monuments, headstones, markers – quite a variety.
All of the trees in the cemetery add to the mystique.
A little baby, Vienna, was laid to rest here; sleeping angel on her headstone.
Hanna would like to meet someone with a big boat!  🙂
We saw dolphins! We were just sitting on a dock next to downtown Beaufort.

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