Thanksgiving in NC | 11.20.10

Thanksgiving (our first in NC) could not have been lovelier, as far as the weather; it was sweatshirt weather. At this time of year — our first autumn in NC — there are still so many beautiful colors of trees, leaves, flowers, and shrubs. In many ways it is reminiscent of Montana, but with a longer growing season.  I’ve always liked sweatshirt weather, before any frigid Montana temps set in, and that’s what we had at Thanksgiving. [We saw on the news and heard reports of the horribly cold temps and lots of snow back in Montana.] Hanna and her pal, Katie (who also moved to Raleigh from Oregon), came for Thanksgiving and stayed four days with us. Gary shopped, cleaned, and made the house and guest room perfect for the girls; it was SO fun having them come. We all relaxed, watched movies, ate, and ate some more. I found a new recipe, which is a keeper: Bobby Flay’s Pumpkin Pie Recipe. We drove to New Bern, NC, the day after Thanksgiving to show Hanna and Katie the second oldest city in NC. It’s one of those pleasant drives that takes less than an hour.

Right before Halloween, and a mere month and a half after arriving in Raleigh, Hanna broke her arm quite badly, requiring surgical fixation, so she was still in her arm brace at Thanksgiving. Because she has the metal plate securing the bones, she only needed a soft splint on her arm for three weeks post-surgery.  Wonder if she’ll set off the alarms at the airport now.

This was taken on the grounds of an old church. Remy makes a lot of trips with us. She is a great car dog and tourist, plus attracts lots of friendly people!
Christmas Village in New Bern
New Bern has a really nice downtown.
Reminds me of something I’d see in Montana.
Katie took pix of us so we would have one to choose for our Christmas card.
This Monopoly Bear is pretty cool. And next to a wonderful fudge & cupcake store!
Came across an old canoe by a museum that got the girls’ attention.
I made Christmas lap quilts for the girls; this was Hanna’s.
Pepsi was started in New Bern! Quite a tourist draw.
New Bern is Swiss for New Bear (town was settled by the Swiss in the 1700’s)

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