Raleigh, NC | 8.14.10

Raleigh was our day trip today. Hanna will like Raleigh. We spent the day walking around downtown Raleigh, which was seemed very urban in some ways with the very tall (compared to what I am used to) buildings, State Capitol Mall with the Museum of Natural History, NC Museum of Art, and Museum of Science all within walking distance. Mixed with the urban were historic, old architecture with beautiful stained glass, brick, iron, and marble. As is typical for about every place we visit, we saw some gorgeous old churches.

The Capitol building is a Greek Revival style of architecture, quite a switch from many historical government buildings we’ve seen in the south.  The original capitol was built as a “State House” and contained a sculpture of George Washington. That building and its contents burned to the ground. The building that stands today was finished in 1840. The interior has circular and semi-circular rooms and massive columns, obviously inspired by the Greeks. I read that info, but one of these days we’ll do the tour.

The memorial to the Vietnam veterans is right out front on the front lawn, as is a statue of three presidents who hailed from N.C.: Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, and James Polk. The statues were much impressive than the landscaping.

At the recommendation of a lovely woman at the information booth at one of the museums, we walked to a BBQ cafe, Coopers, built in 1938. It was small and packed. The waitress schooled us in “clean hog” vs. “whole hog” in terms of BBQ. She said when restaurants advertise whole hog BBQ, you never know which part of the hog you’re gettin’ vs. the pork shoulder that they use. Good to know. I ordered chicken.


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