nc_postcardWelcome! I like to talk. I like to write. I like to take photos. This blog is kinda like a virtual scrapbook. Every day I work with technology, and the blogosphere is a comfort zone when I need something to do. Since I utilize WordPress at work, I decided to use it as the host for my travel and family blog. Check back now and then to see what Gary and I have been up to…

Cindy (Halverson) Bowers 

Here we are – back in 1973 – on Ralph and Margaret’s orange velour couch.
We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” (Author, Anais Nin)20131211-220725.jpg

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. Really enjoyed your Christmas photos. Happy that your kids and Becky were with you and your friends, cute little boy! Your table was lovely (noticed my “bottle” on the table”) – very homey holiday. Look forward to seeing you in Orlando next month.

  2. Cindy…You are just far too gifted to be one person! … I’m certain there’s some poor soul sitting out there somewhere…without a single skill or talent to his/her name…(or perhaps a whole room full of ’em!!) because God gave YOU all the talents!! … Loved your Christmas card…I SO look forward to those…and I adored Ralph’s!…TOO clever!…bamboo poles and all…Ah! HOW many people can say they have maintained that youthful “figger” like he has?!! I SO hope he is improving and is able to come home soon… Such a legendary fellow Ralph is…To know him is to love him…Sweet, shy, funny, amazing, businesslike, organized, motivated, inspiring, and the list goes on…and on…and on! … He and Margaret were surely the perfect combination…I still laugh when I think of the notation you made on a cake recipe you turned in for our “Grub Club Cookbook” back in your G.F.H.S. senior year, Cindy. “I think this is really good!…And you KNOW how picky I am!” … Let’s just say “discriminating”! … “selective”!! … “has good taste!” … Keep me posted on your lives! No one enjoys it more!
    K*Dell in Chilly Cali (They say, “It Never Rains In Southern California!”…Don’t you b’lieve ’em!!)

    • Kay Dell, who would have guessed when I was a senior in high school that my home-ec teacher and I would always keep in touch via email, blogs, and all things technology!? Back then, I was still typing on a manual typewriter and you were using “ditto paper” to run off those cool recipe handouts of ours. FYI – when I write our recipes, I have you in mind and often will add little notes or doo-dads! As always, your comments are sweet and they mean a lot to me, and I love it that you know my dad and always mention my mom…

  3. Thanks for sharing your blog site with me, Cindy! I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. . . . I like the cowgirl pic! Susie

    • Mike, it has been a very long time indeed! I appreciate your note. The photo you refer to, our First Communion shot, is sure a classic. I’ll have to post it somewhere on this blog. And our sweet Colleen towering over all of us, in front of her new (then) house…

  4. Cindy, I would love a copy of your 1957 cowgirl pix. Our Grandson, Graham, has your same hair color and big blue eyes! Sure wish you could see Kevin’s boys. Ironic that Jordan and Becky are just 2.4 miles down the road from Kevin and Lindsey in Sherman Oakes. It’s great that they are all friends.

  5. Cindy—-really enjoyed the “year in review”. Sure miss your dad—he was a one and only. You did quite a bit of traveling last year and live in a wonderful state. Good luck in 2004!
    Bill Ling

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